Stanford College hosts delegates from China Education Institutions

TORONTO- January 2013. Stanford’s recent advancement  in the Chinese education market has initiated interest from many educational institutions and professionals in China.

Members of Stanford, David Ding, President, Janet Williamson, VP Operations and Campus Administrator, Danmei Zhao led the delegates on a tour of the North York and Toronto campuses.  Delegates were impressed with the up-to-date practical labs and facilities of the Industrial Automaton (Robotics), Welding and Gas Technician programs. Participants in the tour included:

Shuangyuan Wen (1st from  left), Deputy Division Chief of the Employment Network Division, National Information Consulting and Employment Guidance Center for College Graduates, People’s Republic of China Education Department. Libo Zhang, Director of Heilongjiang Provincial Information Consulting and Employment Guidance Center for Graduates from Junior College and Technical School. Hourun Wen (4th from the left), Director of Chongqing Chongqing  Municipal Employment Guidance Service Center for Graduates from Junior College and Technical Schoo, Chongqi City Education Commission. Weimin Wang,  Section Chief of the Market Information Section at Jiangxi Provincial Employment Office for College Graduates. Chunyang Shang (3rd from the right), Professor,  Xi’an Jiaotong University.  Mr. Shang is also the Director of the Employment Guidance Center at the University.

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