Critical Shortage of Skilled Workers in Canada

It has been statistically proven that there is a critical shortage of skilled workers to fill the ever-increasing needs of Canadian business. The federal government recognized this dilemma and adopted programs to fast-track skilled immigrants through the system by eliminating their apprenticeship requirements. If they could prove experience in their trade and successfully write their trade qualification exam, they were permitted to practice their profession in Canada.

It was clear that there was a strong need to provide assistance to these internationally trained, skilled workers and Stanford was determined to meet that need by providing pre-exam courses for Industrial Millwrights and Industrial Electricians.

Stanford’s services include; additional pre-exam training for Plumbers and Construction Electricians, Certificate courses in CNC Master CAM Programming, PLC Programming, Gasfitters and Refrigeration Mechanics. Professional Driver safety training and a variety of special Interest programs.

The mandate of Stanford College is to provide a professional, superior level of training, in compliance with and exceeding where possible all Ministry of Education guidelines as they pertain to curriculum, training, examination and apprenticeship standards.

Coupled with that, we are pleased to offer to the general public, free Resume Writing and Job Search seminars. These self-improvement seminars are designed to increase the students chances to obtain meaningful employment.

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