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Stanford Students take the CWB test

January 23, 2015

Jan.21, 2015-Dozens of students took the CWB (Canada Welding Bureau) test on Nov.27, 2014 at the testing centre located in Toronto Campus of Stanford International College.   All the students from Stanford International College passed the test.“These students from Stanford …

Gas Programs now available at Scarborough Campus

January 15, 2015

Jan.14th, 2015-Gas Technician programs are now approved for Stanford International College Scarborough Campus. This newly renovated campus opened 2 months ago.   The Gas Technician (G3/G3) Full time and Gas Fitter (G3) Part-time programs have been the core programs at …

Stanford Internal Training underway

December 31, 2014

Dec.31st, 2014-as the Y2014 is approaching Y2015, Stanford International College will begin a host of training for staff with an aim to better serving new students over the coming years. Several experts have been invited to to speak on a …

CWB Accredited Testing Center Established at China

November 28, 2014

Nov.28, 2014-Canadian Welding Bureau approved two more testing centers of Stanford International College, which are located in Shandong and Guangzhou respectively, China.  With addition of the two new accredited testing centers from China, Stanford has been endowed with the capabilities …

Diwali Festival at Stanford International College

October 28, 2014

Stanford International College celebrated Diwali for Indian students on October 24, 2014 at Candore@Stanford Campus. Diwali is the most traditional festival observed by Hindus, spiritually marking the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, hope over …