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Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Systems Mechanic

Trade pic racm
Schedule Part time
Category Trades
Accreditation Pre-qualification
Duration 10 Weeks

Campuses Offered

Preparing to write the Certification of Qualification exam 313A?

Taught by an industry experienced and related trade-certified instructor, this theory based course includes topic review as well as offers practice on answering sample examination questions.

Review of the following topics:

  • Electrical-magnetic fundamentals
  • Electric motors, circuits & controls
  • Fundamentals of air conditioning
  • Refrigerant recovery/recycling/reclaiming
  • Air distributions, measurement & cleaning
  • Commercial systems-heatlLoads & piping
  • Servicing & nstalling small hermetic hystems
  • Refrigeration hystems and compressors/refrigerant controls
  • Absorption systems-principles & applications
  • Special refrigeration systems & applications
  • Heating and humidifying systems / cooling and dehumidifying systems
  • Central air conditioning & heat pumps/solar energy
  • Air conditioning systems-heating & cooling loads
  • Passing Technician Certification exams / Technical characteristics
  • Automotive air conditioning
  • Servicing & troubleshooting
  • Domestic ¬†refrigerators & freezers

Registration is open to anyone 18 years of age or older. This is a theory course and is recommended for persons with related trade experience.

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