PLC Programming and Robotics Free Open Class

Course Description:

This program is planned to prepare students to work in the rapidly expanding field of industrial automation and control. It is to provide students with PLC knowledge of hardware based on Allen Bradley’s SLC 500. Students will learn to plan, Auto CAD design, edit, test and document SLC 500 program using basic programming instructions and RSLogix 500. They will be able to establish communication, upload / download program using RSLinx. It is also to provide students with comprehensive procedures for selecting and using Enhanced/Classic PLC-500 、PLC-5000programmable controller. By introduction of specific PLC system, students will obtain hardware and programming skills for Siemens’ SIMATIC S7-200、 S7-300system and basic programming of STEP 7 software tools, OMRON C-series 、CS/CJ-series and CX Programmer software.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to perform:

  • Identifying Allen Bradley’s SLC 500,Micrologix,Controllogix
  • Develop Programming, maintaining and troubleshooting specific project using SLC 500 system
  • Plan, organize, edit, debug program using RSLogix 5000
  • Produce application program using CX-Programmer
  • Maintain and troubleshoot PLC-5 system
  • Select, install and test Siemens S7-300 PLC system
  • Programming, maintain and troubleshooting OMRON’s CS ,CH200 series System
  • Human Machine Interface NS/NT-series、Panelview
  • Auto CAD

Course Outline:
Part I Programmable Logic Control Fundamental
Part II Application with Allen Bradley System
Part III Programming for OMRON C-series PLC using CX-Programmer
Part IV Advanced Application with AB SLC 500
Part V Advanced Application with AB PLC500
Part VI Allen-Bradley ControlLogix /RSLogix5000
Part VII Allen-Bradley HMI
Part VIII SIEMENS PLC Programming
Part IX ABB Robot Setup & Programming
Part IIX Industrial Electrician

Start Time

12:00 am

February 9, 2007

Finish Time

12:00 am

February 10, 2007